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Articles!: Radio Interview


Note: It played for me, so I’m assuming you can watch this program outside the United Kingdom. At least for a few days.

BBC Radio Manchester: LGBT Citizen Manchester

LGBT Citizen Manchester – Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transexual news from the Village and beyond. Topic: Bisexual Debate referring back to their previous broadcast of Tom Robinson – Getting By. (Pass mouse over post for two links.)

Intermission: Gender in Media


Disclaimer: I haven’t a comic book in years (More Marvel than DC) so I’m paraphrasing since a lot of people are writing similar distressing point of view towards this topic.

Breaking in from the usual posting because this is interesting. I was reading a gossip blog (don’t judge me, great gossip blog when they aren’t freaking insane) and they posted about the male gaze toward Starfire, a female alien comic book character who is more free love/hippie vibe thing (an adult in the comics but you may remember her from the Teen Titans cartoon as the teenage flighty pink girl) but when DC rebooted recently they cause a lot of problems it seems where Starfire former positive attitude towards sex and sexuality is now more of her sex and sexuality is for the male viewing only and probably jerkoff material. Ex: She does seems to be posing for a swimsuit calender, except she not doing it for the other character in the story, she’s directly looking at her audience.

While reading the blog, someone posted a great article that is explaining this situation in much more detail about not only Starfire but in the Catwoman series of seeing more skin before Selina’s face is shown and an actual Catwoman/Batman sex scene that reads/looks like fanfic.

The Big Sexy Problem with Superheroines and Their ‘Liberated Sexuality’ by Laura Hudson

A couple of days ago, there was another posting with a male’s perspective of what going on in the gaming industry where the females are sometimes no more than projected fantasy material for boys and men and he see could the damaging aspects of why women are not comfortable with this entrenched trend in gaming. (I would have embedded the video but the thing is huge. No different sizes like youtube.)

The Big Picture: Gender Games by Bob “MovieBob” Chipman

Does anybody remember the woman who asked at Comic Con to DC panel why there weren’t more women writers and they blew her off?

All of these are related.

MTrailer: All about Love (2010)


All about Love (2010)

Oscar AwardSynopsis:
[Mixed] A sharp and funny exploration of the complex world of adult relationships, “All About Love” takes a rare look at the lives of queer women and their specific challenges when it comes to creating a family. After a 12-year separation, bisexual Macy (Sandra Ng), a lawyer with a fear of commitment, is frustrated by the judgmental attitudes of lesbians, but wants to get back in the female dating game runs into Anita (Vivian Chow) accidentally meet at a pregnancy clinic. The two women slowly begin to fall in love again and Macy rekindles the long ago romance with Anita, but her fear of commitment threatens to derail their plans of starting a family together.

Movie Trailer:

Articles!: Radio Interview


Note: It played for me, so I’m assuming you can watch this program outside the United Kingdom. At least for a few days.

BBC Radio 4: It’s My Story – Getting Bi – Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson was the first rock star to be out-and-proud from the off and in early 1978, at the height of his fame and barely ten years after homosexuality was decriminalised in Britain, he released the song ‘Glad To Be Gay’. He put it in the Top 20 and it made him an overnight gay icon – becoming the anthem of the Gay Liberation Front and sung with gusto at Pride festivals all over the country.

But then in the mid 80s something happened which changed Tom’s life overnight – he fell in love with a woman! The tabloid press had a field day and he was booed when he appeared on stage at the 1987 London Gay Pride Festival.

In this programme, Tom assesses his own changing attitudes to bisexuality and asks if it’s still a bit of a taboo in Britain today?

Articles!: Collection


SexBeat: The Rise of Male Bisexual Chic

Whether it’s coming from the mainstream or the gay community itself, that aphorism: “bisexuality is just a layover on the way to gay-town” has been slow to disappear. As more bi men come out — and more straight men experiment with kissing their friends, is male bi-phobia finally on the way out?

A Conversation With Archie Panjabi

Immediately after warmly greeting me on the Greenpoint, Brooklyn set of the popular CBS drama “The Good Wife”, British actress Archie Panjab started apologizing. — “I’m so sorry this isn’t the most exciting of scenes for you to see,” the petite 39-year old says. As Kalinda Sharma, the in-house private investigator of a corporate law firm who is strong-willed, bisexual and not always ethical, Ms. Panjabi’s character is arguably the dishiest. That’s no small feat considering she is part of a cast which includes notables such as Chris Noth from “Sex and the City” and Julianna Margulies from “ER.”

Articles!: Interview


Made in Manchester: ‘It’s My Story: Tom Robinson – Getting Bi’

Made in Manchester has been commissioned to produce a documentary about bisexuality with pop star Tom Robinson for BBC Radio 4. In MIM’s show, airing on 19 September at 8pm, the musician talks about his own experiences, while also examining how people throughout the UK cope with attraction to both sexes, as well as the reactions they face from both straight and gay friends. “For some reason bisexuality remains a bit of taboo in the media and society at large,” commented MIM’s Ashley Byrne.

Books!: Neal Cassady: The Fast Life of a Beat Hero

Neal Cassady
Neal Cassady: The Fast Life of a Beat Hero
David Sandison, Graham Vickers; Chicago Review Press 2006
Purchase Here: AilbrisBarnes and Noble

[Barnes and Noble] This fascinating and in-depth biography of Neal Cassady takes a look at the man who achieved immortality as Dean Moriarty, the central character in Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. A charismatic, funny, articulate, and formidably intelligent man, Cassady was also a compulsive womanizer who lived life on the edge. His naturalistic, conversational writing style inspired Kerouac, who lifted a number of passages verbatim and uncredited from Cassady’s letters for significant episodes in On the Road. Drawing on a wealth of new research and with full cooperation from central figures in his life—including Carolyn Cassady and Ken Kesey—this account captures Cassady’s unique blend of inspired lunacy and deep spirituality.

Books!: Subterranean Kerouac: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac

Subterranean Kerouac
Subterranean Kerouac: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac
Ellis Amburn; St. Martin’s Griffin 1999
Purchase Here: AilbrisBarnes and Noble

[Publisher Weekly] Jack Kerouac (1922-1969), the Beat novelist whose road adventures inspired a rebellious generation, was, according to this often startling, unflinching biography, a self-destructive alcoholic egomaniac who believed he was Shakespeare and Balzac in previous reincarnations, an amphetamine addict, a misogynist, an anti-Semite and a “homophobic homoerotic” who concealed his bisexual identity through gay bashing, both verbal and physical. Yet Amburn?biographer of Buddy Holly, Janis Joplin and Roy Orbison, and editor of two of Kerouac’s novels (Desolation Angels; Vanity of Duluoz)?is not a debunker. This well-researched biography is filled with questionable claims: e.g., Kerouac is “one of the major novelists of the twentieth century”; “In popularizing Buddhism and redefining morality for a generation, [his] spiritual impact on America was one of the strongest since that of Cotton Mather.” None of the Beats or their circle?Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Norman Mailer?comes off well in Amburn’s relentless cataloguing of uninhibited lives, sexual excesses, irresponsible behavior and self-promotion. Readers may find this biography tedious and exhausting.

Articles!: Biography


I don’t know how the title makes any sense but here it is:

Bisexual Biographies Published to Raise Gay Awareness

Taipei, March 25 (CNA) A book documenting the true life stories of Taiwanese bisexuals was introduced to the public Friday, the first of its kind written and published for local readers.

Articles!: Medical


LGBT Topics get Little Time in Med School

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients present unique challenges to treating physicians, but their specific needs may not be getting enough attention in some medical schools.

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